Our Cardiac Performance Metrics indicate whether a heart is healthy or may be experiencing problems. A healthy heart operates on ideal timing at a regular rhythm with optimal strength of contraction.


If any one of these actions falls outside of their normal range, the heart is not performing properly signaling impaired function.

Timing is everything.

Even small changes in timing can negatively impact your cardiac performance.

The electromechanical operation of your heart is based on synchronized events.

The ability to identify changes is key to assessment and the early detection of heart disease.

HeartForce provides a missing link in the early detection of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

CVD is the number one cause of death globally.

For 30% of people with CVD, the first and only sign is a fatal heart attack.

By providing accessible Cardiac Performance Metrics, we enable people to monitor heart performance over time and potentially avoid CVD.

No Need To Prolong Uncertainty: You Can Be Proactive.

A simple, self-test eliminates the need for expensive equipment, technicians or medical intervention.


You will know your true CPM in just one minute.

Cardio Mini

Performance at your fingertips.


Simply place the Cardio Mini on your chest while it takes the necessary reading in under one minute.

Track your personal cardiac performance over time.


Fast, accurate and portable.

*Engineering Models Shown


Cardio Pro

Real-time CPM for professional healthcare providers.




Regulatory compliant,

hospital-grade equipment.

*Engineering Models Shown


Big benefits for your heart.

Available on-demand, wherever you are.

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